Autistic – Owned Businesses    A Part or Apart – Sales of photo book and discussion guide related to inclusion of disabled (including autistic) people in faith organizations.  Training is available.  The author is autistic, a writer and photographer, and has training in education, theology, counseling, and law.  Materials are oriented towards Abrahamic faiths. All My Collections Joseph Sullivan is a seller on Bonanza and eBid, with plans to expand into Amazon in the future.He sells things that are either directly or indirectly related to something he collects or has an interest in, hence the name – including, but not limited to, trading cards, old coins, books, CD’s, VHS tapes, DVD’s, video/computer games, loose Hot Wheels cars, collectibles, electronic items, and used auto parts.   Autonomous Press (also known as AutPress) is an independent publisher focusing on works about disability, neurodivergence, and the various ways they can intersect with other aspects of identity and lived experience. We are a partnership of  disabled workers including writers, poets, artists, musicians, community scholars, and professors. Each partner takes on a share of the work of managing the press and production, and all of our workers are co-owners.   Cattydragons is the studio of Andy Dreisewerd, who sells prints and original paintings of dragons and other mythical humanoids and creatures, on T shirts as well as paper…/christian-rock/i-am-yours-deluxe   Enoch Dodd Buffington – Christian rock   Gayle Fitzpatrick has been an artist since she was a child.Drawing and painting is how she looses and finds herself. For her, making paper is a dance of movement,water,color and texture. Gayle loves what she does!   The Heathersmith crafts fanciful and unique jewelry including ear cuffs and Elf earrings    and Jane’s Prints – Jane Strauss is a photographer who sells both art photography prints and cards, mugs, and other items with her original photos on them.  Areas of specialty include classic auto images and mascots, panoramic views, nature images, scenics, architectural images, and documentary photography.  Marshall Edwards is a freelance writer and marketing consultant for creative types. For you students out there, I edit essays for scholarship applications as well (I was granted a full tuition scholarship to the premier liberal arts school in Missouri).  Shoppe Le Bling is operated by Robert, who makes unique handcrafted jewelry, from elegant to casual to off-the-wall funky!  There will Always Be Love is a picture book written and illustrated by Autistic twins, one diagnosed in childhood and the other as an adult. Unofficial Gallifrey is operated by Cassandra, who sells Whovian, Neurodiverse, and Social Justice T shirts.