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Why Buy Autistic?

“Buy Autistic!”  began as a Facebook page, thought up in the dead of the night, by two of us who dreamed of the Autistic community  helping support each other by first patronizing Autistic-owned businesses.  We started inviting others in the community  –  Autistic adults, not “Autism moms,”  “Professionals lacking autism,” or others who seem to have many markets for their products and services – to join and share their websites and events on the Page.  The logical next step is a dedicated website, and this is it.

As the site takes shape, a Page linking to Autistic-owned businesses, featured businesses of the month, guest blog entries, and contests are all possibilities.   If you, gentle readers, have ideas of features you’d like to see here or that you think would make the site more effective or user-friendly, please submit them to  We’d love to hear from autistic business proprietors too!